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Fusing insatiable curiosity with design acumen, DUO Design Studio celebrates the juxtaposition of opposing elements to create original concepts. Founded by two design-obsessed women who met at London College of Fashion, the multidisciplinary digital fashion studio is built on pushing the bounds of creativity and sustainability in the fashion industry. 


Anchored to the concept that digital fashion reduces incalculable waste, promotes sustainability, and inspires brands to create with utmost innovation, DUO leverages technology to move fashion forward. Because of this, our work is two-fold: our services enable brands to prototype and sample sustainably and we also create our own digital pieces. 


Drawing inspiration from mythology, dark academia, gothic architecture, nature, global subcultures, visual art, and music, DUO creates worlds with their collections, one in which the divine feminine and infinite rebellion live in harmony. Embracing a shared design language that transcends time zones, DUO is a remote studio, with co-founders in Hong Kong and New York City. 


"Through digital fashion, designers are empowered to enter the fashion world at their own pace, and without bounds. We not only support that, we find freedom within this foundation.” 

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